Take Control Of Your Music Distribution

What We DoThe engine that drives your business

Our goal is short and sweet: eliminate the middleman. We provide clients with the tools they need to take control of their content distribution. As a media company, one of the most critical parts of your business, is distribution – so why leave your content distribution in someone else’s hands? Thankfully, we have a solution for you.

Digital DIYstribution is an internet-scale, B2B digital process automation (DPA) services company. We have designed process automation bots that are specifically trained in the art of content delivery. When you sign up with Digital DIYstribution, you will be able to select from an army of distribution bots that have been trained to distribute content to each of the major streaming services. Integration is easy. Our account managers will work with you and configure your bots so you will be up and running in no time. 

How It WorksYour Process Automation Bot Does The Work For You

Step 1:Send Request

Step 1 Graphic

When you are ready to send a release to a streaming service, just issue the command and your bot will spring into action 

Step 2: Connecting to storage

First, the bot races to your online storage systems to fetch the media files for the desired release

Step 2 Graphic

Step 3:Retrieve Your Metadata

Step 3 Graphic

Next, it will proceed to pull the associated metadata that has been prepared

Step 4:Delivery

Finally, your bot will package everything together, and deliver it to the streaming partner of choice, according to the service’s exact delivery specifications

Step 4 Graphic

It really is that simple.

How We're DifferentDistributing music shouldn't be so expensive, difficult, or complicated

We’ll admit that the digital content distribution landscape can be intimidating. That’s what we’re here to fix. Our sophisticated content delivery bots eliminate the high-cost and complexity of B2B digital distribution and puts the power into your hands. We work with you to configure and train each process automation bot to integrate with the way you do business (not the other way around).

Other companies may try to convince you that in order to distribute your content, you must first transfer your entire content catalog into their costly digital asset management system. Our clients now understand there is a better way, through the elegance and simplicity of internet-scale, process automation. Digital distribution is really something you can do yourself! Let us show you how.

See It For YourselfWatch our videos to find out what Digital DIYstribution can do for your business